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Denver’s Next Journey is a 6-part series covering a new era of Denver Public Schools with a focus on equity and engagement. The series' briefs include:

  • Start With The Facts
  • School Improvement
  • School Choice & Access
  • Educators
  • Measuring School Quality
  • School Flexibility

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Colorado School Districts: Initial Response to COVID-19

With the rapid closures of schools following the COVID-19 pandemic, the dissemination of information was chaotic and, at times, unavailable. In late May, A+ Colorado reviewed the website of 56 districts with the highest percentage of students receiving free and reduced lunch and the highest number of students receiving free and reduced lunch to answer several research questions.

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DPS Budget Priorities

As a group of diverse education advocates, working collectively to improve educational outcomes for students in Denver Public Schools, we would be remiss not to share our priorities as you face this incredible budget challenge. Revenue forecasts from the DPS administration make it clear that painful cuts to district operations are unavoidable this year, and in the coming years, due to dramatic revenue losses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Need for Diagnostic Assessments

A letter to CDE from ten Colorado organizations asking to consider setting aside funding to support Colorado school districts to have a set of diagnostic assessments so they can better understand what students know when they return to some form of school in the coming months.

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A+ Colorado and ERN: Memo on Online Education Providers

Online, virtual programs are inevitable in response to Covid-19 and decisions regarding learning environments moving forward require nuanced consideration. We have summarized some of the research that exists and make recommendations to offer quality, student-centered online, virtual programming for the next school year.

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Denver’s Next Journey: Investing in Teachers

Just over half a year after the first Denver teacher strike in 25 years, A+ Colorado releases Investing in Teachers, the fifth report in the Denver’s Next Journey series. The report explores how Denver Public Schools (DPS) has tried different strategies to support educators.

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Denver’s Next Journey: Start With The Facts

A+ Colorado is set to release a series of briefs titled Denver’s Next Journey, covering a new era of Denver Public Schools. The series will explore lingering questions and big takeaways from improvement efforts in the past as Denver stands at an important crossroads with new leadership for the first time in a decade and major debate about how students are being served.

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Issue Guide: Negotiating Over Teacher Pay in Denver

Denver Public Schools (DPS) and Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) are at an impasse in regards to what and how to pay teachers and special service providers who are in the classroom. This is a resource compiled by A+ Colorado to understand what is on the table. This resource relies on publicly available information to help make sense of the complexity of teacher pay, and the nuances of both the district and the union’s current proposals. We hope this document can provide clarity for stakeholders hoping to understand more about this important decision, and facilitate conversation about how to compensate educators in our city.


Many Languages, One Future

Many Languages, One Future provides a snapshot of how emerging multilingual students are performing in Colorado districts and schools. In assessing the state of emerging multilingual students in Colorado, two key questions emerge. First, how well are Colorado’s emerging multilingual students gaining English language skills? Second, how well are Colorado’s emerging multilingual students mastering grade-level academic content?

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The Outliers: The State of Colorado School Districts 2018

The Outliers digs into student performance to uncover the Colorado public school districts that are “outliers,” the districts that buck the trend either by getting notable results for students compared to other school systems in the state, or where the promise of an excellent education remains too distant.

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¡Ya Basta! Enough Already!

This booklet provides information about the academic progress of kids in Southwest Denver, but it’s not just about test scores. It is also about the lifelong prospects of the next generation.

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