About A Plus Colorado


The mission of A+ Colorado (A+) is to sharpen public education by building public will and advocating for the changes necessary to dramatically increase student achievement in schools and districts in Colorado.


A+ Colorado (formerly A+ Denver) is an independent, nonprofit organization committed to ensuring every Colorado student can access an excellent education.

A+ is an “action tank.” We use the power of data and research to advocate for district and systems-level policies that will accelerate learning for all students. Operating at the confluence of practice, policy, and politics, we challenge ourselves, educators, and policymakers to rethink public education.

We envision a system of forward-thinking, rigorous, diverse school models that prepare students for college and career; effective district management that holds schools accountable to high standards; and a system of choice whereby families are empowered to find the right high-quality educational opportunity for their child.

A+ exists to ensure a child’s zip code no longer dictates his or her educational opportunity. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every student in Colorado receives an excellent public education. Our kids deserve it, and our collective prosperity depends on it.


1390 Lawrence, Suite 200, Denver, CO 80204 google maps

We share office space with DFER-CO, Catapult Leadership, Colorado Succeeds and KIPP Colorado.

Office Phone: (303) 736.2549


We would like to thank our generous sponsors for your ongoing support of our work. Without you it would not be possible for us to advance our mission of dramatically improving student achievement through research and analysis of best practices.