Our Work

A+ Colorado is an advocacy organization that promotes permanent, sustainable, and constant improvement in Colorado Public Schools. Our goal is to consolidate a consensus around education reform at the leadership level of the community. A+ leverages that consensus voice to create broad support for transformative policy and practice changes that improve academic performance.

We simultaneously collaborate with district leadership and the school board as we hold them accountable for urgently needed improvements. Our vision of systemic reform is one of a broad and long-term effort; therefore, A+ remains committed to this work even as district leadership and the elected school board members change. We carefully forge every partnership and project to best support our objective to improve the quality of education available to all Colorado children.

Read our Principles to learn more about what defines A+ and our work.
Check out our Reports section for more information and data about the status of districts in Colorado and some of the work A+ Colorado has done and continues to do to push for the highest quality education for students.
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