COVID-19 Support

Please continue to monitor this page for resources we will be updating periodically.

Last Updated: April 1, 9:00am.

A+ Colorado stands with the Colorado community.

Friends, families, educators, students, and partners,

We are in the midst of one of the biggest global crises some of us have experienced. We know it will be very difficult, and may get far worse in the coming months, but we know we can get through this together.

We are grateful for the leadership of state and local leaders who have made the hard decisions that can protect our communities. We are grateful for school district leaders across the state that have stepped up to support our most vulnerable families with food distribution. There are many families that need support as well as a growing list of organizations to meet those needs including food, healthcare, mental health supports, childcare and supporting their kids at home. Additionally, we are encouraged by the school districts and educators, of all backgrounds, who are stepping up home learning resources for all ages of kids.   

It is crucial that we all try to stay calm while also radically changing our lives so that we can try to “flatten the curve” and reduce the spread. Reducing the spread of the virus is critical to ensure our health care systems can address the needs of what will be growing numbers of people that will need health care support. 

A+ Colorado is committed to doing whatever we can to support our schools and students at this time. We have transitioned to remote work and are retooling our focus to provide information and advocacy to support the community during these evolving challenges.   

We plan to assist where it’s needed to provide support to our partners and districts. You can expect our response and future communications to be rooted in research. Please reach out with information, resources you hope to share, and suggestions about how we can help. We are in this together. 

Thanks, and stay safe.


Van and the A+ team

Weekly Response Digest from A+ Colorado

April 1, 2020
A+ Colorado has shifted our work to focus on responding to the education needs within the state while continuing to provide data-driven information and advocacy to support the community. In the coming weeks, we will be providing weekly news and updates, partner resources, and stories worth spotlighting.

Thought Pieces

Which Students are the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis and what can be done to help them?
During these difficult times, as districts are tasked with unprecedented situations and decisions, A+ Colorado wanted to take the time to shine a light on a student population that is often overlooked, those without stable home environments.

Making Lemonade out of COVID-19 or Simply Surviving with Kids at Home by Van Schoales
Families and kids are now faced with a new reality of school at home, not just for the next few weeks but likely for the rest of the school year. As this is a time of uncertainty and stress for most families, it could be a time to rethink what and how students can be learning.

Parenting During the Pandemic by Alexis Senger
A Colorado parent shares the new reality and challenges she faces teaching and working from home, and her new normal as COVID-19 has forced the closure of all public and private schools throughout Colorado.