Denver’s Next Journey

Start With The Facts

Start with the Facts explores how Denver Public Schools has changed over the past fifteen years. Academic achievement levels improved from amongst the lowest in the state to above average, and while all groups of students have seen some improvement in academic outcomes... read more

School Improvement

What has the district pursued to target resources and improve learning in the schools with the lowest academic outcomes which are disproportionately filled with students of color? What have been the outcomes of those efforts? How have families been engaged in that process? read more

School Choice

What are the systems the district has created that enable students and families to choose what school they attend? How have these structures impacted equitable access to quality schools? To different school options? How are different groups participating in choice? read more

School Quality

How has the district sought to identify schools in need of support and high quality schools? How has that impacted educator, student, and community expectations and experiences of schools? Are families able to clearly understand important questions around school quality? read more

Investing in Teachers

What are the strategies the district has pursued to support educators, and what is the impact on the teaching force? How are educators effectively partnering with families across the city? read more

School Governance

How has the district devolved decision-making to the school-level? How has that impacted district structure, schools, and financing? How has it supported student achievement, and responsiveness to school community needs? read more

Timeline for Start With The Facts

Timeline for School Improvement

Timeline for School Choice

Timeline for School Quality

Timeline for Investing in Teachers

Timeline for School Governance

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