Denver’s Next Journey: Start With The Facts

A+ Colorado is set to release a series of briefs titled Denver’s Next Journey, covering a new era of Denver Public Schools. The series will explore lingering questions and big takeaways from improvement efforts in the past as Denver stands at an important crossroads with new leadership for the first time in a decade and major debate about how students are being served.

The first installment Start with the Facts explores how Denver Public Schools has changed over the past fifteen years. Academic achievement levels improved from amongst the lowest in the state to above average, and while all groups of students have seen some improvement in academic outcomes, that improvement has not been equitable, leading to widening disparities between groups of students.

With a new, focused mini-brief every month and a series of articles, blogs and podcasts, A+ Colorado will partner with community groups to ask the big questions about the future of Denver with timelines of major events, an overview of where we have been, where we are, and the big questions moving forward.

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