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Transitioning from A+ Colorado: An announcement from Van Schoales, President 

After a decade of leading A+ Colorado through the ups and downs of the education transformation movement, the time has come for me to step down to take a breath and pursue other opportunities.

40% of students in Colorado attend a district looking for a new superintendent

The four largest school districts in the state area search for Superintendent Almost 40% of students in Colorado are served by a school district currently hiring a new superintendent. Approximately 329,000 students attend schools in the districts of Denver Public Schools, Cherry Creek, Dougco, Jeffco, and Poudre. According to 2020 October Count data, 883,199 students…

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¿Cómo funciona el proceso de inscripciones a escuelas en Colorado?

Read in English here. Un guía para las familias durante las inscripciones Yo crecí en Denver durante los años de los 90s, y jamás pensé que tenía opciones de la escuela a la que asistía. Siempre asumí que la escuela a la que asistía estaba dictada por el área en la que vivía.  Las escuelas…

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How does school of choice work in Colorado?

Este reporte también está disponible en Español aquí. Growing up in Denver in the 90s, I never thought I had much choice around the school I attended. I always assumed the school I attended was dictated by the area I lived in.  The neighborhood schools that were dictated by the district for me to attend…

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