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COVID-19 Learning Loss: Recommendations to improve student outcomes during COVID-19 pandemic

It is undeniable that lost instructional time related to the events of 2020 will impact students, the question is - how much?

2020 election guide: Education issues on your Colorado ballot

Education issues on your Colorado ballot Your vote matters for the future of Colorado’s children. On your ballot this month, there are decisions to be made that affect the educational opportunities for all students in Colorado, including the 911,536 students enrolled in the public school system. Education in Colorado has been funded in the same…

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Outliers 2020

A+ Colorado’s signature Outliers report is a compendia of which districts are beating the odds in terms of student outcomes, and which districts are behind the curve across many different metrics. It provides the state of the State for education. Historically, A+ Colorado has looked across Colorado’s 179 school districts to try and answer the…

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Colorado School Districts: Initial Response to COVID-19

With the rapid closures of schools following the COVID-19 pandemic, the dissemination of information was chaotic and, at times, unavailable. Additionally, as families began to understand the closures would continue through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year,  these same problems persisted. In late May, A+ Colorado reviewed the website of 56 districts with the…

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