State Board of Education Candidate Survey 2016

Dear Friends,

We invite you to take a look at how candidates for the Colorado State Board of Education have or have not answered questions from A+ Colorado about how they will lead our public schools for the next six years. Colorado State Board of Education elections are unfortunately decided by very few voters often with little understanding of the issues due to the lack of press coverage, forums and surveys.   

Questionnaires like this one provide vital information to voters. When candidates choose to participate, it demonstrates a commitment to transparency and creating a more informed voter and general public. We are grateful to the candidates who took the time to fill out the attached questionnaire. They are helping us provide the best information to help voters make their decisions in November.

We were disappointed that three of the six candidates for State Board of Education seats declined to respond to the survey. Both candidates running to represent District 6, Debora Scheffel and Rebecca McClellan, filled out the survey, but that is the only race where we can provided a side-by-side comparison of the two candidates. We received responses from the challenger for District 3, Christine Pacheco-Koveleski. Unfortunately, the incumbents running in District 3 and District 5, Joyce Rankin and Steve Durham respectively, declined to submit their responses as did the challenger for District 5, Jeffery Walker, Sr.

Thank you to Debora Scheffel, Rebecca McClellan, and Christine Pacheco-Koveleski for your participation. Your answers will help create a more informed and engaged public.

District 3                               District 5                                District 6