Denver’s Next Journey: School Improvement

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¡Ya Basta! Enough Already!

This booklet provides information about the academic progress of kids in Southwest Denver, but it’s not just about test scores. It is also about the lifelong prospects of the next generation.

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Start with the Facts 2014: At the Base of a Climb

A brief summary about the state of Denver Public Schools, 2014.

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Colorado’s Turnaround Schools 2010-2013: Make a Wish

A look at three years of turnaround efforts in Colorado schools receiving SIG grants.

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Colorado Turnaround Schools – Rays of Hope

This report highlights the significant progress seen two years into Colorado’s participation in federally funded school turnaround efforts, offering recommendations that can be applied elsewhere.

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School Achievement in Denver: The Impact of Charter Schools

Charter schools in Denver are outperforming district-operated schools on both student academic growth and proficiency.

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Start with the Facts: Strengthening Denver Public Schools’ Education Pipeline

An annual report on the state of Denver Public Schools, 2011.

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Background – Turning Around Low-Achieving Schools in Colorado

A look at what Colorado is doing with federal funds meant to tackle chronically low-performing schools.

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Report of the Far Northeast Community Committee

FNECC submits this report to Denver’s Board of Education as they consider strategies for turnaround in Denver’s Far Northeast schools on November 18, 2010.

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Denver’s Public Schools: Reforms, Challenges, and the Future

A look at DPS reform efforts and the work needed to accelerate progress.

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