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Wednesday Churn: SchoolChoice report

Originally posted on EdNewsColorado, June 13th, 2012. Copyright ©
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What’s churning:

A second and final report on Denver Public Schools’ new enrollment process, called SchoolChoice, says the new school selection plan worked for most participating families.

Findings of the second report, available here , are largely positive, as were the findings of a first report released in April. Read the first report here.

Highlights of the second, more comprehensive, report:

  • 83 percent of students received one of their top three choices
  • There was a strong correlation between the quality of the school and the demand for a seat at that school
  • More families were making choices, allowing students to move to higher-performing schools
  • Participation gaps by geography, income and race continued to narrow
The reports were released by A+ Denver and the SchoolChoice Transparency Committee. The evaluation and analysis was completed by Mary Klute, Ph.D., of the Buechner Institute for Governance at the University of Colorado – Denver. You can see a spreadsheet listing available seats and requests for seats by school here.
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