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Press Release: A+ Denver Applauds Ruling to Uphold Innovation School plans

News Release

July 16, 2013

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Van Schoales, CEO A+ Denver
(303) 725-1151

A+ Denver Applauds Ruling to Uphold Innovation School plans

A district judge ruled in favor of supporting many of Denver’s Innovation school plans, a move that will mean higher levels of autonomy for several new schools.

“While more flexibility over staffing, scheduling and programming doesn’t always translate into academic success, it does create conditions where school leaders and teachers can go beyond traditional boundaries to implement strategies that would otherwise be difficult or impossible.” said A+ Denver CEO Van Schoales. “We applaud the district for fighting to keep policies that will potentially have a big upside for kids.”

For more information about Innovation schools, visit the DPS Office of School Reform & Innovation.


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