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A+ Answers: How does a rural district like Conejo have such high graduation rates?

A community member asked A+ Answers, “How does a rural district like North Conejos have such high graduation rates?” This seemingly simple question is incredibly complicated. Intrinsic in this question are further questions that merit further research, like resource allocation to rural schools and the interplay between graduation rates and other measures of success. To begin exploring what’s going on in North Conejos, A+ looked at how North Conejos compares to similar districts to better understand their performance.

North Conejos’ High School Graduation Rates rank in the top quartile statewide and is high-ranking amongst similar schools

District Name School Name Class Size Graduation Rate
MONTROSE COUNTY RE-1J Peak Virtual Academy 17 100.00%
NORTH CONEJOS RE-1J Centauri High School 78 96.20%
VALLEY RE-1 Caliche Junior-Senior High School 20 95.00%
MONTROSE COUNTY RE-1J Olathe High School 69 94.20%
MONTROSE COUNTY RE-1J Montrose High School 303 90.80%
COTOPAXI RE-3 Cotopaxi Junior-Senior High School 17 88.20%
EAGLE COUNTY RE 50 Battle Mountain High School 208 85.60%
WIDEFIELD 3 Widefield High School 295 85.10%

Note: Centauri High School is the main high school in North Conejos. They also have an Alternative Education Program which is not included in the graduation rates here because a 4-year graduation rate is not a comparable measure for the success of that program.

How do North Conejos’ Students Perform?

Among comparable districts, measured by the similarity of their student populations, North Conejos has a high proportion of students meeting grade-level standards. This suggests that the district is helping students beat the odds and perform at higher levels than similar districts.

North Conejos also exceeds expectations in terms of the average cumulative SAT score.

Further Questions

  1. What systems, programs, and practices does North Conejos have in place to help students succeed?
  2. Can these systems, programs, and practices be replicated in similar districts with lower achievement rates?

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