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A+ Answers: What schools in Colorado are Doing Concurrent Enrollment the Best?

An A+ community member asked A+ Answers, “With the “expanding concurrent enrollment” bill on the table, I’m curious, what schools in Colorado are doing concurrent enrollment the best?

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) is a way for students that are still in high school to take classes for college credit. These can either be taken within the high school by certified teachers or at a partner college. Concurrent enrollment is thought to increase college persistence by reducing the cost of college to students. As Colorado continues to expand its CE programs, A+ looks at which districts are already exceeding the state average at offering CE courses to the highest proportion of its students. 

Note: Data on Concurrent Enrollment rates links data from the Colorado Department of Higher Education and the Colorado Department of Education. For this reason, actual rates may vary slightly when linking data across multiple sources. While we feel confident with the accuracy of these data at the district-level we are still validating at the school-level.

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