Kyla Armstrong-Romero

I am running for school board, because I am very passionate about education and serving our community. I am the director of the Second Judicial District Senate Bill 94 Program which is a program that serves at-risk youth and provides alternatives to incarceration. I also teach graduate and undergraduate courses at Colorado Technical University. I am extremely passionate about learning and education. In the past, I worked as a social caseworker with the Department of Human Services and I’ve also worked for the Aurora Police Department as a victim advocate. I was recognized as a community hero in 2012 for my work in the community and as a first responder with the Aurora Theater Tragedy. I have a Ph.D. in Human Services and a Master of Science Degree in Criminology. My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish and I’ve lived in Argentina and Mexico.

As an educator and juvenile justice professional, I have a well-rounded view point. My unique background of higher education, juvenile justice, advocacy, and serving non-profits can bring a fresh perspective to what should be a well-rounded, community-minded School Board. My educational background and experiences provide for a unique perspective on where education is and where the educational industry is potentially heading. I want the very best education possible for my children and all children, because I know first-handedly how important a good education is and where it can take you.


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