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The Open System Podcast

This post originally appeared on the blog The Open System.

I’m really excited about our March podcast. This month we get to talk to someone who I really love working with in the open system space – Reilly Pharo Carter.

Reilly is the Executive Director of Climb Higher Colorado, an organization formed for the purpose of advancing high expectations through standards and assessments. The organization was formed with a different type of charge: to build a grasstops and grassroots coalition in support of the work. Sadly, too few organizations take on that essential work.

What’s exciting about Reilly & Climb Higher is that the work has transformed into building and sustaining strong and vibrant open systems amongst the coalition members and with school districts around the state.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with a great friend of mine and a truly exceptional education & open system leader!

P.S. You may notice we got some awesome new music this month. That’s warrants a big THANKS to the fabulous Chris DeWitt. He’s an amazing musician, a great friend and a big thinker and doer in Colorado ed space. And quite frankly, he looks amazing in a jean jacket. Thanks Chris!

Listen to the podcast.