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Community EdData Hub in Action: Your Community, Your Schools

A+ Colorado recently had the opportunity to collaborate with the African Leadership Group on their new report, Your Community, Your Schools as part of our new initiative, the Community EdData Hub. We invited Juliet Sebold, Associate Director of the African Leadership Group, to share some thoughts about her experience:

As an organization, we understand that in order to advocate for improved policies and practices, we first need to start with the data and facts to analyze what works and make recommendations on what needs to be changed.

It was very exciting to be able to release our first ever report Your Community, Your Schools: A Call for Partnership In Aurora Schools in partnership with The Community EdData Hub, an initiative by A+ Colorado. Initially it was hard to see how data could capture all the amazing students and families we get to work with on a regular basis; however, I am happy that EdData Hub allowed us the autonomy for this report to be a reflection of our community. This experience has taught us that data is most powerful when it accurately represents the population. It was amazing to be able to capture photos along with personal stories and testimonies of both parents and students from our community. I am very proud of what we accomplished. My hope is that we can create a partnership with not just Aurora Public School but also all educators to join us as we advocate for quality schools that will provide quality education for students and a system that invites families and communities as true partners and advocates. Most importantly, I hope that families will utilize the checklist provided in this report to help them better understand their districts and get answers to their questions.

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