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Arts Education Student Spotlight

Edwina Maben is a singer, songwriter and producer, and participant in Youth on Record’s FEMpowered. A+ Colorado was pleased to co-host the Arts Education for All Forum where Edwina performed and shared her story.

Songwriting has given me the ability to let certain chapters of my life live forever. Particularly in my high school years, I discovered the healing properties of music in my life. I wrote songs about my first few weeks at my new high school, the pain of missing old friends and places, and the the feeling of not knowing why this was happening to me. I lived with a lot of anxiety and anger in the events I couldn’t control at the time, and those feelings lived in my lyrics.

As I began to become more acceptant of my situation, I finally had the chance to look back and reflect on my personal growth. Those reflections and mediations in my heart completely changed my attitude, and that new mindset helped me write “Go Tell Yesterday”. Writing this song felt like a discussion with myself about accepting the things we couldn’t control, and trying to be the best version of myself anyways.

Getting to play this song at the Arts Education for All Forum meant so much to me. I left that night feeling inspired and very grateful to be a part of an arts community where these discussions are taking place.

In the last year, Youth On Record has become a place I come back to when I need a reminder of what it is I want from music. This is a place where I have not only grown as an artist, but also as a community member. The organization is rooted in personal growth through the arts, and I’m so grateful to be a part of an organization that prioritizes the well-being and development of their students.