Van Schoales

Chief Executive Officer

Van Schoales is the Chief Executive Officer of A+ Colorado. He has over twenty-five years experience leading education reform efforts from the classroom to the statehouse. Van helped develop and has led a number of nonprofits, including the Odyssey School, Denver School of Science and Technology, Democrats for Education Reform Colorado, Bay Area Coalition of Equitable Schools, and Chalkbeat Colorado. He has authored and edited a variety of papers on school choice, charter schools, school accountability, student achievement, school design, state policy, and other education reform topics. He is regularly quoted in education news stories from The Denver Post, NBC, National Public Radio, Chalkbeat Colorado, Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, Education Week, Univision and Fox News. Van earned a B.S. from the University of California - Santa Cruz (Earth Science), M.S. from Brown University (Geological Sciences), M.A. from San Francisco State University (Education Administration), and an M.A. from Stanford University (Education).    read blog posts by Van Schoales

Hayley Reddish

Director of Operations

Hayley joins A+ Colorado as the Director of Operations. Prior to A+, Hayley worked as a teacher in Denver Public Schools and as a founding staff member of Reading Partners Colorado, a nonprofit focused on early childhood literacy. Before moving to Colorado, Hayley worked in public relations in Washington, D.C.

Hayley is passionate about the intersection of policy and practice in education. She is particularly interested in early childhood literacy and the growing role of technology in education.

Hayley earned her B.A. in Public Policy and Environmental Science from The College of William and Mary and her M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado Denver.

Lisa Berdie

Policy Director

Lisa Berdie is the policy director for A+ Colorado. She leads A+ research efforts and data analysis to guide and advance the organization's policy work. Lisa's commitment to educational equity developed while working in bilingual classrooms and conducting research on Latino youth and the school system in Providence, Rhode Island. Prior to joining A+, Lisa worked at CEB, a D.C.-based consulting firm, where she researched how to best manage teams and business processes in large R&D organizations. Lisa holds a bachelors in Economic Development Studies from Brown University.    read blog posts by Lisa Berdie

Landon Mascareñaz

Senior Partner for Advocacy and Alliances

Landon comes to us from Denver Public Schools where he was Executive Director of Strategy Development and Family Empowerment in the Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE). He recently received his doctorate from Harvard University, where he wrote a capstone about the relationship between district improvement and family engagement. Before that, he was also a first grade teacher on the Navajo Nation in Church Rock, New Mexico and a former Executive Director of Teach for America - New Mexico. This past year he participated in the Pahara Next Gen Fellowship program and the Flamboyan National Family Engagement Fellowship. He received his B.A. from Lewis & Clark College and graduated from Dakota Ridge High School in Littleton.