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Report Release – School Achievement in Denver: The Impact of Charter Schools

We are pleased to release our latest report, “School Achievement in Denver: The Impact of Charter Schools.”

This report was created in response to one of many questions that were raised after we released “Start with the Facts: Strengthening the Denver Public Schools Pipeline”.

We have disaggregated the school performance data for 2011 in the report in order to see how individual charters, district schools and charter management organizations (CMOs – West Denver Prep, DSST, and KIPP) are doing while answering the question of how charter achievement is affecting the overall achievement in Denver Public Schools.

You can read the entire report on our website by following this link:
School Achievement in Denver:
The Impact of Charter Schools

Read the article about it from today in EdNews Colorado:
Report says charters fueling DPS growth

We believe this report should help DPS and the Denver community begin to more thoughtfully focus on what is working in DPS so that achievement gains can be dramatically accelerated.

Our hope is that these reports will drive fact-based conversations so that policy making in DPS and Denver leads to greater improvement.