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News Advisory: Education Advocacy Groups to Release Report TOMORROW on Gains Made by DPS in Improving Student Achievement and Growth



The Colorado Children’s Campaign is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research and advocacy organization committed for over 25 years to creating hope and opportunity for all of Colorado’s kids. Backed by an extensive, statewide network of dedicated child advocates and the most trusted data on child well-being, the Children’s Campaign champions policies and programs that improve child health, early childhood learning and development, and K-12 education.  For more information, please visit


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Metro Organizations for People (MOP) was founded in 1979 with the mission of empowering ordinary people to strengthen and transform their communities through community organizing. MOP trains volunteer community leaders, through a membership base of congregations and schools, to re-weave the web of relationships in community so that they can effectively work together across race, class and language barriers to rediscover a common good leading to a higher quality of life for our families, children, and neighbors. For more information, please visit