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Announcing: The A+ Denver 2014 Game Changers

Stepping out: The A+ Denver 2014 Game Changers

A+ is pleased to announce the Game Changers of 2014, three people we think deserve recognition for their exceptional work in changing the landscape of Denver’s public schools. A+ Denver would like to recognize:

Anne Jacobs, Principal at DCIS at Fairmont: The success rate for turnaround schools, both in Colorado and elsewhere, is low; however, under Ms. Jacob’s leadership DCIS at Fairmont seems positioned to buck this trend. By including a planning year (“year zero”), and moving forward with a cohesive school plan and strong leader, DCIS is thus far showing promise. A neighborhood school, DCIS at Fairmont has created a warm environment where students are known and diversity is valued. Especially noticeable is the school’s integration of students with special needs into the larger school community.

Brian Eschbacher, Director of Planning & Analysis at Denver Public Schools: Over the past year, Mr. Eschbacher has played a pivotal role in managing DPS’ portfolio of schools by making sense of the mountains of student enrollment data and presenting it in ways that tell a story. His team is rethinking boundary zones for new schools, increasing transparency of enrollment information, and expanding the information available to parents choosing schools. Through this process he has demonstrated a commitment to listening and responding to community voices.

Rosemary Rodriguez, DPS School Board member (District 2): Ms. Rodriguez has been meeting tirelessly with community and advocacy groups to put forward a collaborative and responsive plan for improving opportunities for students in Southwest Denver. Her approach has been thoughtful and reflective, building coalitions and bridges to ensure lasting change in SW Denver.
Congratulations to all three of these Game Changers for their great work in DPS.

They join an impressive cadre of past recipients of this award:
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