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A+ Denver releases report- Denver School Performance by School Board Member Districts: Results and Trends.


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A+ Denver releases report- Denver School Performance by School Board Member Districts: Results and Trends.

This A+ Denver report was developed in partnership with Padres Unidos, Get Smart Schools, Colorado Succeeds, Colorado League of Charter Schools and Metro Organization for People describes and shows the school performance and demographics for each Denver Public School board member district.

“   This report is meant to be guide for the Denver community to see trends and focus school reform effort where they are most needed.” Van Schoales, CEO A+ Denver


“   This report will help Get Smart Schools identify where the need and demand is greatest for new high-performing schools ” Amy Slothower, CEO Get Smart Schools


“   This report gets to the heart of the matter. It gives community members vital information about how responsive board members, and their challengers, are to urgently needed reforms.” Marco Nuñez, Padres Unidos

The report’s findings include:

  • DPS school board member districts have enormous ranges in size and demographics, District 3, Central Denver has 8,500 students while over 25,000 students in district 5, NE Denver.
  • The two smallest districts, SE Denver (#2) and Central Denver (#3) have ZERO students in the two lowest categories of school performance while the other districts (NW, NE and SW) which compose over 75% of Denver’s students only have 43% of the distinguished school seats.
  • While there are great disparities in school quality across the board member districts, there is no district that is not in need of serious reform. For instance, the most affluent district in Denver, district #1 in SE, has many distinguished elementary schools but most of the high school graduates from SE Denver require remedial classes when entering college.
  • The most disadvantaged district in Denver relative to poverty and second language learners, district #2 in SW Denver, has made some significant progress in terms of proving better schools. It now only has 14% of its students in the lowest two categories of schools while having 3% in “distinguished” schools.
  • District #5 in NW Denver is now the most challenged DPS board member district in terms of quality schools with only 1 in 25 students attending a “distinguished” school while nearly 1 in 4 students attend schools in the lowest school performance categories.

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