A Seat at the Table: Colorado Students’ Access to Top Colleges

As Colorado students and their families make choices around which high schools to go to, many will find themselves at one of the over 200 high schools in Colorado that have sent zero students to a top college or university over seven years. While 57% of all Colorado students from 2009 to 2015 went on to a college program in the fall after they graduated from a Colorado high school, only 4% went to one of the country’s top colleges, a list that includes local schools University of Colorado-Boulder, Colorado State University, Colorado College, Colorado School of Mines, and Air Force Academy. But some high schools are doing a better job of helping their students access these opportunities. Just over 20 schools sent at least 10% of their graduates to top colleges and universities over the study period. But in nearly half of all Colorado high schools, less than a majority of graduates enrolled in any college the fall after graduation.

Download the data file for a complete list of top schools as well as school-level results by student group.